Vision, Modeling, and Visualization Workshop 2009 in Braunschweig, Germany


Monday 16th

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From To Session/ Topic Room Talk
12:45 13:00 Welcome Address Aula  
13:00 14:00 Invited Talk I Aula Sparse versus Dense Approaches in Computer Vision
Joachim Weickert
14:00 15:45 Session I
Modeling and Rendering
Chair: Christian Theobalt
  • Symmetry-Based Facade Repair
    Musialski, Wonkaz, Recheis, Maierhofer, Purgathofer
  • Efficient Resampling, Compression and Rendering of Metallic and Pearlescent Paint
    Rump, Sarlette, Klein
  • i23 - Rapid Interactive 3D Reconstruction from a Single Image
    Srivastava, Saxena, Theobalt, Thrun, Ng
  • Tomographic 4D Reconstruction of Gas Flows in the Presence of Occluders
    Berger, Ihrke, Atcheson, Heidrich, Magnor
  • Robust Estimation of Light Directions and Diffuse Reflectance of Known Shape Object
    Tachikawa, Hiura, Sato
  • FTC - Floating precision texture compression
  • Realistic Cloth Augmentation in Single View Video
    Hilsmann, Eisert
    This talk has won the
    2nd Best Presentation Award
  • 15:45 16:15 Coffee break Foyer, 1st floor  
    16:15 17:30 Session II
    Geometric Modeling
    Chair: Thorsten Grosch
  • Shape-Preserving Animation of Deformable Objects
    Martin, Huber, Kaufmann, Gross
  • Adaptive coarse-to-fine quantization for optimizing rate-distortion of progressive mesh compressionLee, Lavoue, Dupont
  • Consistent Propagation of Normal Orientations in Point Clouds
    König, Gumhold
  • Fitting a Morphable Model to Pose and Shape of a Point Cloud
    Schneider, Eisert
  • Bootstrap test error estimations of polynomial fittings in surface reconstruction
    Ramli, Ivrissimtzis
  • 17:30 19:00      
    19:00 21:00 Welcome Reception Dornse  

    Tuesday 17th

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    From To Session/ Topic Room Talk
    8:30 10:00 Session III
    Image and Video processing
    Chair: Peter Eisert
  • Using Common Field of View Detection for Multi Camera Calibration
    Bajramovic, Brückner, Denzler
  • Spectral Video Matting
    Eisemann, Wolf, Magnor
  • Bayesian Reasoning Using 3D Relations for Lane Marker Detection
    Boesman, Lars Baunegaard, Jensen, Baseski, Pugeault, Krüger
  • Variational Optical Flow from Alternate Exposure Images
    Sellent, Eisemann, Goldlücke, Pock, Cremers, Magnor
  • Maximum Detector Response Markers for SIFT and SURF
    Schweiger, Zeisl, Georgel, Schroth, Steinbach, Navab
  • Advanced Data Terms for Optic Flow Estimation
    Steinbrücker, Pock, Cremers
  • 10:00 10:30 Coffee break Foyer, 1st floor  
    10:30 12:15 Session IV
    Chair: Carsten Dachsbacher
  • Interactive Dynamic Volume Trees on the GPU
    Keller, Cuntz, Kolb
  • A Shaped Temporal Filter Camera
    Fuchs, Chen, Wang, Raskar, Seidel, Lensch
    This talk has won the
    2nd Best Presentation Award
  • Real-time Indirect Illumination with Clustered Visibility
    Dong, Grosch, Ritschel, Kautz, Seidel
  • Interactive Geometry Decals
    Schneider, Georgii, Westermann
  • Parallel Generation of L-Systems
    Lipp, Wonka, Wimmer
  • Real-time Stereo-Image Stitching using GPU-based Belief Propagation
    Adam, Jung, Roth, Brunnett
  • Integrating GPGPU Functionality into Scene Graphs
    Orthmann, Keller, Kolb
  • 12:15 13:30 Lunch break Mensa  
    13:30 13:45 Poster Fast Forward Aula  
    13:45 14:45 Invited Talk II Aula Computational Aesthetics ‐ science or art?
    Oliver Deussen
    14:45 15:30 Session V
    Chair: Gerik Scheuermann
  • Visual Exploration of Classifiers for Hybrid Textual and Geospatial Matching
    Sanftmann, Blessing, Schütze, Weiskopf
  • Comparative Visualization of Two-Dimensional Flow Data Using Moment Invariants
    Schlemmer, Hotz, Hamann, Hagen
  • Localized Finite-time Lyapunov Exponent for Unsteady Flow Analysis
    Kasten, Petz, Hotz, Noack, Hege
  • 15:30 18:00 Poster Session, Coffee break Plaza, IZ
  • Image hiding based on angular time-averaging moiré
  • Intensity-based Registration of 2D-DSA and 3D-DSA Data Sets for Flow Simulation in Intracranial Aneurysms
  • Horizon Bending for Stylized Spherical Worlds
  • Illumination-Invariant Image-Based Environment Representations for Cognitive Mobile Robots
  • Generation of Smooth and Accurate Surface Models for Surgical Planning
  • Reducing Computation Time in a Reaction-Diffusion Stereo Algorithm
  • Topological Methods for Motion Data Analysis
  • Selection of Regions on a 3D Surface for Efficient LIDAR-based Pose Estimation
  • Augmented Visualization of the Patient’s Organs through a Sliding Window
    De Paolis
  • Art-Inspired Modeling and Visualization
  • Proteus – Semi-Automatic Interactive Structure-from-Motion
  • 16:00 18:00 GI-FB-GDV meeting Room 160, IZ  
    18:00 18:30      
    18:30 22:00 Conference Dinner Gastwerk  

    Wednesday, 18th

    Registration desk is open on Wednesday from 8:30 till 13:00

    From To Session/ Topic Room Talk
    9:00 10:00 Session VI
    Medical Image Processing and Application
    Chair: Dirk Bartz
  • Automatic Textual Annotation for Surgical Planning
    Mühler, Preim
  • Efficient Boundary Detection and Transfer Function Generation in Direct Volume Rendering
    Praßni, Ropinski, Hinrichs
  • Perception-based Evaluation of Emphasis Techniques Used in 3D Medical Visualization
    Baer, Adler, Lenz, Preim
  • Propagation of shape parameterisation for the construction of a statistical shape model of the left ventricle
    Kirschner, Wesarg
  • 10:00 10:30 Coffee break Foyer, 1st floor
    10:30 11:30 Session VII (special session on SPP 1335)
    Scalable Visual Analytics
    Chair: Ingrid Hotz
  • Analysis of community-contributed space- and time-referenced data by example of Panoramio photos
    Andrienko, Andrienko, Bak, Kisilevich, Keim
  • A System for Interactive Visual Analysis of Large Graphs Using Motifs in Graph Editing and Aggregation
    von Landesberger, Görner, Rehner, Schreck
  • Quality-Based Visualization Matrices
    Albuquerque, Eisemann, Lehmann, Theisel, Magnor
  • A Visual Analytics Approach to Diagnosis of Breast DCE-MRI Data
    Glaßer, Schäfer, Oeltze, Preim, Tönnies, Preim
    this talk has won the
    Best Presentation Award
  • 11:30 11:45 Coffee break Foyer, 1st floor  
    11:45 12:45 Invited Talk III Aula Interactive Visual Analysis with different levels of complexity
    Helwig Hauser
    12:45 13:00 Closing remarks Aula Closing Remarks
    13:00 14:00 Lunch break Mensa  
    14:00 15:30 Workshop SPP 1335 Aula
  • Visual Analytics for Large and heterogeneous Life Science data with emphasis on expression data
    Bartz, Nieselt
  • Variational Methods for Model‐based Interactive Analysis of Flows
    Cremers, Rumpf
  • Scalable Visual Patent Analysis
    Ertl, Schütze
  • Visually guided exploration of point cloud data in Euclidean space
  • 15:30 16:00 Coffee break Foyer, 1st floor  
    16:00 18:00 Workshop SPP 1335 Aula
  • Zoomable Cell
    Gumhold, Schröder
  • Scalable Visual Analytics of Video Data
    Heidemann, Weiskopf
  • New techniques for the interactive navigation, visualization, and analysis of heterogeneous biological networks
    Kaufmann, Kohlbacher, Lenhof, Weikum
  • Visualization of and interaction with complex graphs on large‐scale and high‐resolution displays: models, metaphors, and interaction paradigms
    Liggesmeyer, Ebert
  • Topology‐based Visual Analysis of Information Spaces
    Scheuermann, Heyer
  • SPP Collaboration Award
  • Cancelled talks

  • Semi-Automatic Manufacturing of Customized Hearing Aids Using a Feature Driven Rule-based Framework
    Sickel, Baloch, Bubnik, Melkisetoglu, Azernikov, Fang, Hornegger
  • Frequency-Domain Upsampling on a Body-Centered Cubic Lattice for Efficient and High-Quality Volume Rendering
    Csebfalvi, Domonkos